New Economic Model

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North American Model

Postindustrial 6

A synthesis of the social dimension

Postindustrial 5

A synthesis of the economical dimension

Postindustrial 4

A synthesis of the technological dimension

The mechanisms of a green society

Postindustriel 17 (scenario 4)
The mechanisms of a green society

The Participatory State

Postindustriel 16 (scenario 3) :
The Participatory State

The mechanisms of a Consumer Society

Postindustriel 15 (scenario 2) The mechanisms of a Consumer Society

The mechanisms of state security

Postindustriel 14 (scenario 1) : The mechanisms of state security

Postindustrial 11

Postindustrial 11 : for a multi-dimensional reading of the new society

The schema above us to visualise the embryo of a model for a post-industrial society. This should develop based on the opinion of the actors in that society; opinions which create the necessary foundations for real change. These opinions will emerge from collectively-developed consensus in groups where information is processed; hence the model’s name – the knowledge-based society.

Postindustrial 12

Postindustrial 12 : The mechanisms of culture

(Read this schema from left to right)

Because it's a living system, a society is constantly undergoing mutation. To adapt to numerous changes, a society uses its language and its culture to process the information which gives it its feel, its milieu.

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