Postindustrial 11

Postindustrial 11 : for a multi-dimensional reading of the new society

The schema above us to visualise the embryo of a model for a post-industrial society. This should develop based on the opinion of the actors in that society; opinions which create the necessary foundations for real change. These opinions will emerge from collectively-developed consensus in groups where information is processed; hence the model’s name – the knowledge-based society.

The activities in this society should no longer be studied in isolation but rather via an analysis using three pillars, each reacting in function of the other two. This will be a way to understand the existing linkages between the battles which are now starting :
    •    Technology : battles of content and services
    •    Economics : battles of territories etand markets
    •    Society : battles of culture and language

In this new society, the actors will have the choice between strategies that maintain "continuity" with the past or that address the "rupture" with the past.

Postindustrial 11 : for a multi-dimensional reading of the new society

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