The proposed utopia


We are increasingly fractious, anxious and agitated citizens of Spaceship Earth.  We seem to know that the perfect storm of major change is upon us, and that we are living on borrowed time when it comes to economics, energy and our collective environment.  Increasingly we realize that in order to satisfy our immediate desires we are borrowing our prosperity and our current quality of life from the futures of our children and grand-children.

Individually, people feel frustrated. They've had enough of being told half-truths by the mass media and of seeing the rich global elite lording it over them in place of their elected representatives.  But collectively, the future is unfolding more and perhaps too slowly.  In two or three years, the majority of citizens will seem so frustrated that 2012 may well be the year in which a collective miasma or degree of anger results in the point of no return .. the rupture with the known and relatively comfortable past will be well and truly underway.

Pay Attention !  The major battle is starting and the elites in place are beginning to vacillate.

We are all going to be living in an Information Society in which the convergence of all the various networks and mechanisms of communicatin will become a public place in which a veritable tsunami of dreams, lies, and unvalidated informations. It is in this public place that the leaders of our societies will try to convince the citizens of those societies about the validity of their proposals, and where these leaders will encounter the push-back and rejection of citizens who are beginning to say No, that 's not appropriate, that's not what we want or need .

This public place .. the Web .. is becoming the battlefield where we will work at coming to terms with a wide range of contradictory opinions, or in other words the place wherein we will all negotiate the shifts in power in our societies. The biggest, or most important, danger we face is not so much economic meltdown as the manipulation of the means of communication and the commercialization of culture by corporations seeking profit rather than undertaking projects and services which contribute to the betterment of society.

The utopia we are proposing requires that we change our current models of society, culture and economy and how they operate.  We want to develop a participative democracy that includes markets and their economic forces and impacts, based on citizens taking responsibility and giving voice.  This will require some form or other of negotiation with the existing leaders of the political and economic classes,  and the civil society.

This text has been written in the form of hypotheses concerning the medium-term future – from now through the next seven to ten years.  These hypotheses are yet to be confirmed or validated.  They are, in effect, early weak signals on a path that is being be created in the chaos of major transition and a rupture with the known past."@"


September 15, 2010 

Don't remain alone and isolated  !
Create or join a group capable of thinking
 and talking about our future

Pass the message along to others.   Be part of the solution !


Recently, the complete text has been published in France :
La société émergente du XXIe siècle
(The Forces and Choices Shaping the 21st Century)
Michel Cartier et Jon Husband,
Dangles Éditions, 2010.  (208 pages,  18 euros)

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