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The key to this is putting power into the hands of ordinary people and taking it away from the wealthy elite. The world is controlled by bankers and big business and the result is inequality, war and ecological disaster. Individuals feel helpless, yet still vote for just two parties in most countries, with both parties merely acting as 'puppets' to those with money and power. People need to stop being brainwashed by the mainstream media. What can we do? Invest in ethical bank accounts, sign up to green electricity, sign justice campaigns such as those on Azaaz, give to charities to help the less fotunate, avoid debt, buy ethically, spread the word about issues and the fact that society simply isn't sustainable in its present form. There are more of us than the wealthy elite, we can do it if we educate enough people and start voting with our actions and the way we live our lives. Then at last the majority of the world can prosper and not just a select few.

Evolution, power is in

Evolution, power is in fittest hands. Only if the basic principles of human beings change other hands will take the power. But, what´s power? Need an smart society hand´s power? Do not rush. Time is on our side.
Warning to the xtreme inorganic environmental transformation. Who is ready for a more austere life? Improve the use of technological advances, use the car frivolously? are yo a tourist? what have you do for the community? has you plant a tree?... Change, cause the world is like you are. They are you (ex illis es)

Teleportation is here.

+ Chopped NO

The ongoing social evolution.

Changes have been manifold and will continue occur naturally and at will. The black cloud that hangs over all of us is radical Islam. I don't know where are headed but it will be an interesting trip for those taking it. My age dictates that I am near the end of the journey, so good luck to the future.

The black cloud

The black cloud that hangs over us is that we focus to much on our differences. Islam is not a problem. It is the wests theft of their resources that's the problem.

Beyond TZM and TVP

Very cool video! I myself am a follower of The Zeitgeist movement and by extension The Venus Project. I would urge all who found this video / website interesting to check out both of those groups.

I realize I'm not the first in the comments section to mention these two organizations, and I have seen your responses saying that there are many other such similarly aimed organizations out there. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind mentioning a few of them so we may all begin to collaborate towards the creation of a new and better society. Thanks!

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Michel Cartier

Fantastic video!


thank you for the fantastic video!

I strongly believe that in order to allow a correct evolution of the human society, we need to spread positive informations and stimulate people towards positive change!

We have no reason to continue using a Capitalistic system where competition is rewarded rather than cooperation!

Competition for the resources necessary for people's lives should be outgrown in favore of cooperation and improvement of life quality and education.

Daniele :)


I would add that our competition needs to be the environment and how to harness it, manipulate it and channel it for the betterment of all it's inhabitants. It emerges as should we.

Social evolution

I found your video to be very well edited and thought through.

However, there is another scenario, which was not taken into consideration. I will call it:

Scenario 5: Social evolution and a Resource Based Economy
A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment, industrial plants, etc. to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources rather than money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all.

A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment, industrial plants, etc. to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources rather than money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all.

This would include:

  1. No money or market system.
  2. Automation to replace labor in every occupation possible.
  3. Technological Unification of the planet in a “systems” approach.
  4. No property - Universal Access.
  5. Self-contained/Sustainable/Streamlined City Systems.
  6. Science as the methodology for all social decisions, including the approach to problems regarding aberrant human behavior (or what we refer to today as"crime").

With the elimination of debt, the fear of losing one's job will no longer be a threat This assurance, combined with education on how to relate to one another in a much more meaningful way, could considerably reduce both mental and physical stress and leave us free to explore and develop our abilities.

This is just an outline, you can find more information and free material on TZM Knowledge Database.

That video is Perfect!

The video is perfect in my own opinion. It clearly shows what's going on our planet, and it's in front of everyone's eyes: We are crossing a point and going in a new direction, first of all in a new way of thinking. There are many movements, many comunities, many people that are trying every day to better their own world. They do it for themselves but in the same time they do it for all the people on Earth. I choose the Zeitgeist Movement because it gives the best solution I've ever found in the Venus Project. It's just my own opinion, everyone can choose his own path to follow.

If you want to add me on Facebook look for Stefan Zeitgeist Danov. I hope that Truebook can change once again the internet social networks and hope to find you all there !!

bye !

Overly simplistic

Facebook, unfortunately is not the saving grace of humanity, and the issue with virtual networking is just that, it is not real, we may connect with others in some sense but often we do not tell the truth of ourselves so who exactly are you in communication with? As for opinions promulgated via these networks, do not forget it has become much easier to be a paedophile because of the ability to network network and for those without altruistic motives to suborn them. Terrorists, criminals, those with political and social views unacceptable in non-virtual society have found a way through this to gather energy and force. A society created by opinions will be effected all the more by those wishing to be 'opinion makers'.

Other aspects you use and choose to inform are interesting and thought provoking but are relatively simplistic. Military spend and the military combine is part of the reason there is an internet. Understanding, protecting and inhibiting or tracking dataflow are now the most sought after skills in commerce, the secret services and the military.

I'll stop there because my purpose is not to write an essay. I watched the film and it made me think, i did not have the same conclusions.


Great Video, very inspirational. You have a great understanding of the underlying trends that we are seeing in the world now.

I think you will find that we are likeminded. Check out our page

Would love to here your opinions about our site/concept.


Bonjour Michel,

Je vais écrire en anglais pour tous les lecteurs.

Glad to see content here again. Let me know if you want that tagcloud again. I probably have my Accumulus script somewhere ;)

Quick note about the licensing of the downloadable material. On you mention a Creative Commons BY-ND-SA but there is no such thing. ND and SA are incompatible. You probably mean BY-ND - like the website. It would also be a good idea to add the licensing clauses to each PDF. BY-ND means I can redistribute the material, but if there is no license or author named in the PDF, it makes it a little bit harder to keep track. And since the license is valid for another 50 years after you pass away ... well... better safe than sorry.


Robin Millette

Your Feedback

Thank you for stopping by, Robin .. and thanks also for the heads-up re: the CC license. We will make the changes you have suggested.

The Venus Project and A Green/Participatory Society

I completely believe we are in a time where we can change the world. The video/site explains it very well. I agree with lots of these points too, but I believe in order to truly change the world, it has to be a long and unified push for the new way.

There are already many people on board with The Venus Project, which you can find information about here: The Venus Project is a society where everything is for the benefit of the human populace as a whole. Scientists, engineers, doctors and other important people in the advancement of technologies are in charge of decision making, rather than lawyers, politicians and businessmen. Using technology we already have, power can be produced for the whole world(Wind, Geo-thermal, Solar and Hydro), and crops can be grown anywhere in mass quantities. (A building in the desert, for instance, tapped down to the water bed below, hooked up with hydroponics to grow vegetables and fruits year round.) There is much much more, but that will hopefully be enough to at least get you to look into it more.

I am not doing this to advertise, nor insult the quality of this model. And I would ask any moderators/people behind this model to also look into the venus project. Zeitgeist: Addendum is also a film that goes in depth about the project. But I think we can do this, and the more people behind it the better. There are currently 300 000 people worldwide with the movement, chapters in most major cities worldwide and in many other cities as well.

Whether you end up agreeing or not, I suggest everyone at least reads into it.

Venus Project and Participatory Society

Thank you for stopping by, and we're glad that you appreciated the video. It can be daunting (and more work than meets the eye) to condense all of Michel's research, thinking and synthesis into a short 7 minute video clip, but it seems that the attempt has been worth it.

We are aware of the Venus Project and Zeitgeist. The Venus Project is a society where everything is for the benefit of the human populace as a whole. .. there are more and more people, and more and more initiatives, that are doing or planning something along the same path you set out. As well, recent events around the world have (generally) not helped overall confidence grow.

in order to truly change the world, it has to be a long and unified push for the new way. indeed .. it seems that we have reached, or are reaching, the limits of the paradigm in which we have been living for the last century or so. It will not be easy to de-construct or undo, and there are aspects of modern life that clearly should be maintained and enhanced ... but yes, it will be a (very) long (and sustained) push to arrive at new way(s) of doing things and living together effectively in societies.

What it takes to cause a sustained push towards the new.

Hi, I'm also familiar with the venus project, actually I'm a member of the zeitgeist movement as well.
I believe that we've been caught up in this way of running our society by gradually increasing it's impact, I can't tell you how many people just know how bad things are but just say "well thats just the way it is" or "theres nothing you can do about it". But what that says about humanity is that we don't rebel no matter how bad things get, if we don't have an alternative within our reach.

What makes TVP such a success is that it explains exactly where the problems are and what caused them to occur, following that it suggests an alternative path we can take. Although TVP approaches it very technical and tries to find a solution for everything and build it into the cities and way of life of the people, the most important aspect is the explanation of the social transformation. And because it's made understandable we know what to push for, and with the zeitgeist movement growing as fast as it does, it's not going to take long before it reaches critical mass and we can push hard enough for the whole puppetshow to fall down.

I'd say its inevitable that the generation thats now in its 20's is going to bring this change, because they don't rely on mainstream news (their social media is their newsfeed), they are mainly gamers (as Jane McGonigal said in her TED talk, in games they are trained to achieve the extraordinary, so they are not afraid to go for ridiculously high goals such as social change), and they enter the workforce just when the world is in crisis and there is hardly any work available, and their educations mean little to nothing.
Also their parents have been exposed to the hippie era, and they exposed the system for what it was way back then, only failed to change it.

All I can say is, hold on tight! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Society is finding the out

Society is finding the out the way to survive from its self.
Its understanding that the world its not inhabitated by humans,
but we all humans, are ONE world.

BtW nice video

One World

Thanks for the compliment regarding the video, and yes, we are one world. We are part of a complex ecosystem involving nature, consciousness, ecology and cosmogeny.

As a famous musician (Frank Zappa) once said "we are all bozos on the same bus" (the bus being this planet, humans being the bozos).

Modern humans will have to

Modern humans will have to develop and train two personilities at the same time ,equal in value, one for himself and one for the netwoks new word for society. Both can share eachother, humans now try to live in society with only one the network personality is less in power, this is growing so evetuanlly they will share the same power, the same consienceness for both, same feel, the same care.
Good Luck

Humans Will Have To Change

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

If I understand your comment correctly, humans will need to develop new mental models and new "ways of being" in order to cope effectively with the turbulence, uncertainty and ambiguity we are all facing as the future unfolds. We have developed ways of being over centuries, but have never had speed-of-light electronic interconnectedness with which to share what is in our minds and emotions. No doubt we have much to learn about new ways being as the future unfolds, but it's probably fair to say that many of the necessary new ways are already in view, and being practiced by some people.

Internet 1.0

It's exciting to be in the first generation of humans to untillize the internet. I only hope that it doesn't become overlly censored or policed.

The Future of the Internet

I only hope that it doesn't become overlly censored or policed.

Yes, indeed, that is a real concern.

If "knowledge is power", then the Internet promises some significant challenges to established power and authority in society's institutions. It also promises greater democratization. Such issues make the elite in most countries quite nervous, as most means of informing people have traditionally been controlled by those in power. See, for additional information, Alvin and Heidi Toffler's PowerShift - Knowledge, Wealth and Violence at the Edge of the 21st century.

In addition to censorship and policing, it is (in my opinion) a real and enduring problem that the Internet / Web is (overly) saturated with commercialism. But that was to be expected, I think, and won't go away.

Are you ready for the 21st Century

Good video. I would like to offer that the "revolution" you refer to in our world must, it would seem to me, include a focus on community or the group (vs the individual) and that the mode in which humanity can create a more participatory democratic society will be performatory. Humanity must perform! Invitation to participate in Performing the World conference here in NYC - - Can Performance Change the World?

Change the World ?

it would seem to me, include a focus on community or the group (vs the individual) and that the mode in which humanity can create a more participatory democratic society will be performatory. Humanity must perform!

We heartily agree. Some of Michel's early roots are in folk-loric performance.

Art and performance do have the power to stimulate and accompany major change. Thanks for the invitation, and whilst we won't attend .. please, keep on performing !

Well Played, Sir

A very interesting and captivating way to analyze the oncoming epoch. It's amazing to think that 1 in 5 mammals went extinct. Or even more so, one in every three amphibians. Someone say, "it ain't so." Bravo, man.

It Ain't So

Thank you for the compliment.

I wish we could say "it ain't so", but ...

Since the development of this site, and your comment, we have witnessed even more horror. The BP Gulf Oil Spill is an open wound in the earth, and many creatures will suffer and die.

Public Opinion

Only moral outrage will motivate the masses to do the right thing. Otherwise, they will tolerate the intolerable. The social networks need to be used to mobilize the masses.

The Right Thing

Yes .. we agree.

Not convinced in the power of popular opinion

Consider that the democratization of ideas leads to a less sophisticated, more self destructive future. Democracy has become a blank and empty word, facebook is NOT democratic and it will not guide us more socially active perspective, it will make more tribal and more self focused.

More learning needed ?

Thanks for stopping by, Not Convinced.

The perspective you offer is certainly one that has many champions in North America and western Europe, and it's clear that aspects / elements of the dynamics you cite have arisen. We don't think, however, that's the whole story.

Please remember that these new interconnected conditions are very new and very young, and that we have a lot to left to learn and practice .. and clearly, we need to find ways to build understanding, consensus and action for the common good of all peoples on this ball or rock hurtling through outer space.

the video made me think

i am 59 years old and love to be stimulated by interesting ideas. i hope that as you go forward you will see that the value of the individual person is a determinant of how society is shaped. the value of donald trump the millionaire is no greater than the value of my brother brady, the disabled bi-polar poor man. using money to quantify value leads to despotism. wealth is the bludgeon of our age. communication between individuals can lead to power shift. but communication can be subverted as Comcast is doing by going around the FCC regulations.

brent [(at)] brentjones dot org

Indiviuals, communications and power

Hi, Brent .. thanks for stopping by.

There has been significant emphasis in the western world on the individual, and especially so over the last half-century. It seems more and more people are recognizing some of the limits of rampant individualism and the never-ending hunt for money.

Human are humans, and I do not think we will see the end of greed or lust fro power .. but it seems clear from history that there are periods of greater and lesser individualism as well as collectivism.

It also seems clear going forward, given modern population levels and the advanced technocracy we are using in our western societies, that we will need to come together more, not move apart more.

On money.

I think money is a great tool. It is a way to assign an abstract value to products and services. I think money is a metaphor for energy. However, there are two great evils around money. Eliminating these would certainly solve many issues.

1) You can accumulate as much money as you wish; how you obtain that money being an almost secondary matter.
2) The value of money itself fluctuates. Engineering would be made almost imposible if you had to ask yourself everyday the value of a centimeter, a kilogram, etc. It is understandable that prices vary, but not the value of money.

Money ? It's a gas !

.. says a famous lyric line from Pink Floyd.

Money is a human-made abstract concept.

There have been various forms of money throughout the ages, and I am aware of many experiments regarding new forms of money and value-exchange that are going on today, as the main financial system seems to be benefitting fewer and fewer people.

There are quite a few indications that "money" may become much more local and community-based.

The future of money is / will be a very interesting space to watch.

Exceptional Video

The video is a really fantastic way to present what has happened and what is about to happen in our global socio-economic system. The graphical elements and use of 'new-mediator' techniques ( in the video is also refreshing, and makes the whole thing so easily comprehensible and brilliantly invoking at the same time.

As of now, I feel that the only way forward is to go into the direction of The Venus Project, with its advocation of implementing a global Resource-Based Economy where all the resources of the world are shared throughout all the people of the world, and do away with the monetary system for good -- if we are ever to transition from a Type 0 civilization to a Type 1 civilization. This transition will not be easy, and is the most difficult, but we can certainly do this if our motivation is purely for the betterment and survival of humanity as a whole.

Here's a little introduction into the Venus Project for those genuinely interested in finding solutions to our species' problems:


Thanks for the compliment.

We share your concerns about the future.

We are aware of the Venus Project, and have commented to that effect further up in this comment thread.

Unless we coordinate the many disparate groups...

...with essentially the same goals in mind, we will not be able to achieve anything against the onslaught of propaganda put out by the existing power structures which will never give up anything without a fight.

I recommend starting with the Zeitgeist Movement This organization is one of many but it is global and becoming more and more organized.

Inform yourselves of these other groups and find a way to connect them and then our voice will become too large to ignore. We already know the problem and have solutions, but these must be implemented on a massive scale to make any kind of difference.

Zeitgeist Movement

Inform yourselves of these other groups and find a way to connect them and then our voice will become too large to ignore. We already know the problem and have solutions, but these must be implemented on a massive scale to make any kind of difference.

We are aware of the Zeitgeist Movement, but thanks for pointing it out to us.

There are many other groups of people, small and large, who are deeply concerned about our collective future. Thank goodness for the Internet / Web, which has allowed us to make many connections and share useful information with other concerned people much more completely and much more quickly than ever before. And, the effects of interconnectedness and sharing useful or interesting information only continues to grow.

zeitgeist movement

i completely agree there needs to be unity between all disillusioned groups and people the zeitgeist movement and its documentaries are the most comprehensive, well made, and informative documentaries i have seen. the venus project is an brilliant concept for the future but it is not going to happen by itself, only through action can change be achieved, regardless of opinion on economy, ecology or government for change to occur people need to act! to quote a zeitgeist 'i dont want you to protest, i dont want you to riot, i dont want you to write to your congressman, because i wouldnt know what to tell you to write, i dont know what to do about the problems, all i know is that first you've got to get mad. We are human beings our lives have value'


Thank you for stopping by.

It seems that more and more people are getting more and more mad (and nervous, and anxious, and scared, and numb) than ever before. As you point out, it can be a useful (and productive emotion, especially during such uncertain and ambiguous times .. the times of great and profound transition.

Noble but misguided

While it's great that you're taking the initiative to inform yourself on issues you believe important, I believe it's important to also stay clear of misinformed, and quite possibly, dangerous (for the blatant ignorance), ideological hordes. This 'zeitgeist' movement has about as much legitimacy as the conspiracy theory for the JFK assassination. Furthermore, you are not quoting a zeitgeist. You are quoting Peter Finch who played the character of Howard Beale in Network. Any person who would claim such a popular movie reference is a dunce.

Noble / misguided

Certainly Zeitgeist and the movie (and no doubt the 'movement') are not mainstream .. and the establishment in our society has every interest in making it seem silly, conspiratorial, wacky, extremist.

At Constellation W we see it as one more element of evidence that there has been (and continues to be) a massive rupture with the past, and that we are just in the early days / stages of understanding and beginning to learn what we must all do in order to help our children and grand-children enjoy the world as much as we have.


Hi guys, love what you've done here - the concept is fantastic, and the design is beautiful, but it's TOO FAST! You need to slow it down in most parts, especially because many people watching the video will only speak English as a second language.

Also, there were a few spelling errors I picked up throughout the presentation.

Cheers and many thanks for putting this together - with a little fine-tuning, it will be perfect, and an amazing message to get out to the world :)


Video (revisions)

Hi, Dan .. thanks for stopping by.

I think you'll find that as of May 2010, the video has been edited and revised and is much smoother for a viewer to watch.

Thanks for caring enough to offer us your constructive criticism.


great video. similar in ideas and values as the venus project. i believe this is the only way to bring our species forward. i will help spread the word.

ps i am oart of the 20+ group lol

Great video :) is my answer to this question. An emergent always updating automated society that produces abundance without the need for slavery.

Venus Project and Participatory Society

Thanks for stopping by ...

We are aware of The Venus Project .. see earlier comments.

flawed concept

the venus project is a brilliant idea in theory and i completely agree with its aims, however the huge assumption it makes it that human behaviour naturally makes us want to update everything and naturally want to work as much as i wish i could agree with this surely there are going to be sections of society that refuse to work without some kind of immediate physical reward to replace money?

Some Suggestions for Potential Policy Issues

Hello, I just watched your video. It was inspiring. For years, I have seen a need for change. Here is what I have come up with for a list of demands for a new social contract.

• 6 Hour Work Day / 24 Hour Work Week
Passing legislation to limit the hours of labor to 6 hours a day and 24 hours a week, represents an immediate emancipation from the demands of a 40 hour work week. Workers shall receive no reduction in wages or benefits. 6 weeks paid vacation annually as a standard benefit.

• Currency Reform
Nationalize the currency, abolish the Federal Reserve System, and restore to the U.S. Congress the power to regulate the country's monetary affairs for the benefit of society and the national happiness. Fix the legal rate of interest at 1%.

• Tax Reform
Institute a "Socially Beneficial Tax." Citizens should no longer be taxed on their incomes unless they are in the top 1% of income earners. 99% of citizens would enjoy the total profit of their labor. Where as 1% would receive the top rate of 99% tax free and everything above that would be taxed at 98%. Such a tax policy promotes the free market, encourages innovation and creativity, and rewards hard work yet puts a reasonable cap on salaries that the majority of the public could approve. In addition, tax revenues would allow the government to invest in healthcare, education, jobs, infrastructure and providing the benefits of modern society to all.

• Election Reform
We supports the use of Instant Runoff Voting, citizen initiated referendums, ballot initiatives, recall elections, term limits and other measures to improve the health of our democracy and empower citizens to direct the government. We also support the direct election of judges to ensure democratic control of our justice system. Further, no one's right to vote should ever be taken away, not even violent felons. In a democracy, the right to vote is the bare minimum right of all citizens.

• Co-op Revolution
Co-operative businesses, not government owned industries, are the ideal expression of economic organization because co-ops are locally owned and managed. Co-ops provide a structure for democratically controlled workplaces based on equality and equal distribution of profits.

• Land Reform
Aside from sunlight and water, our most precious resource is our land. Our current system has promoted an uneven distribution of the land and given great authority to individuals and corporations to determine the use of "their" land which in truth is our common resource, America. As an initial reform, non-farming land owners should be limited to owning no more than 100 acres. All lands held by corporations and foreign owners should revert to the nation. All reclaimed land should be paid for at "above market value." New communities should be developed with the benefit of wise urban planning and government financing. A home for all.

• War Referendum
At a time of war, let the people who will be doing the fighting and dying vote whether or not to go war by putting the question directly to the voters. Let those who vote yes, be the first to volunteer to fight the war. Every person that doesn't vote, shall have their non-vote counted as being against the war. Production of war materials shall only be conducted by the government, eliminate private profit motive for war. Based on a book by Allan L. Benson, A Way to Prevent War, 1915.

• Regulate 'Illegal' Drugs
We advocate free treatment over incarceration. Drug use is a public health issue not a crime. Drug use should be discouraged as much as possible but people have an unquestionable right to live as they choose and to be free of unreasonable punishment at the hands of our government.

• Crime Reduction
When the basic needs of people are guaranteed to every man, woman and child as a matter of right, a major source of crime will be eradicated. Opportunities for meaningful employment and education will be plentiful. The citizen will be free to pursue his or her interests, both professionally and personally.

• Freedom to Live in the Country of your choice
Citizens have the right to travel and live where ever they want. National borders are arbitrary and a historical source of conflict. We favor a system of direct democracy that is strongest at the local level.

• Restore Original Copyright Law & New Provisions
We advocate the original exclusive use of your copyright for 14 years and after that period the copyright shall revert to the Public Domain. However, if anyone profits from your creation (over $500 annually) the original copyright holder shall be entitled to 50% of the profit.

• Abolish the Death Penalty
Make 50 years in jail the maximum punishment for any crime. The Death Penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment.

- Silver Persinger

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