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Policy Issues

Hi, Silver .. thanks for stopping by.

Are you going to run for public office and try to get some of your ideas / concepts implemented ?

Speaking personally, I could get behind the positions you have advanced in your comment.

brilliant idea

i completely agree with everything your say it would be a ideal place to live in, however you dont say anything about how it could happen,
how would the transition occur?
if your sticking to a monetary system what kind of economy will it be?
what are you basing the new currency on?
without income tax how are you going to fund the new policies?
having 50 years as a replacement for the death penalty is a idea but it costs a 12000 uk pounds to keep a single person in jail for a single year, i dont know how many dollars it costs but this money cant come from thin air.
where do you stand on healthcare and welfare?
i completely agree with the majority of what you say yet, it is pointless promoting these ideas unless you have a realistic theory of how to implement them.

From ideas to reflection, and then action ?

Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

Your questions are good ones. As for a theory of how to implement, you'll have to read Michel's upcoming book .. and you'll also have to involve yourself in creating responses and solutions that work for you and the community (ies) in which you live and work .. just as all of us will have to as well.

Justes observations comme toujours

M Cartier,

On doit encore une fois vous remercier pour la pertinence et la justesse de vos observations.

Merci de continuer à nous faire réfléchir.

Marc Levasseur


Merci pour les gentils mots, Marc.


Un travail phénoménal


Merci a vous.

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